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Enhanced Driving Institute

Enhanced Driving

EDI Partners with B&G Club
Offering classes open to all students - click tab

"Building a New Generation of Safer Drivers"

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2023 & 2024 Winner
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In-Class Driver's Education


Training Options

Our In-class training provides teens with a very familiar (yet fun)  learning enviroment. 

All material is presented in a Fun/Engaging Presentation that is Modern and Exciting. 

If your Teen prefers does best while learning amongst fellow students this is a great way to go!   

Only $100 needed to get started!
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This Online Course is unlike any other available.  EDI has spent countless hours designing an Online Program that reflects the same passion and learning format as our Award Winning In-Class Driver's Ed Program.  

Students can get the same quality education EDI has always provided, now in the comfort of their home and on their time schedule.  

Only $100 needed to get started!
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Adult Driver's Ed!
Offering online & Road training

Our program is the preferred choice for Adults who are motivated learn and develop the skills needed to become their best.  We are not just teaching you how to pass the State Road Test, we are educating you to become the most observant, safest, and smartest driver you can be.  

From our New Self-Guided 3-hour Online Course (to our amazing Driving Instructors, EDI is the best in the industry, and we want you to become your best.  

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Teen Driving Lessons

Classroom at another school?

We recognize some other schools are backlogged with driving hours.  We are hear to help!

EDI works with all students, whether you start with us in the classroom, or transition to EDI from another school.  Click the button below and choose the package needed. 

From out 6-hour Adult / Teen Driving package or individual lesosns, we will get you back on track. 

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 Online Parent Course

"Building a Teen Driver"

This Course Prepares Parents to build Exceptional Teen Drivers!

We see it often, the most skilled Teen Drivers come from Parents who are knowledgeable and committed to this process.  This 1.5 hours Online Course will prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Instructed by EDI Founder, Adam Newbloom (M.B.A) Former Deputy Sheriff. 

New to Driver's Ed?  

Adult or Teen Learning Continued

Enhanced Driving Institute

Travis Mayer

"As a father of three teenagers I know how important it is to feel safe when your child gets behind the wheel.  When my first two children attended driver’s training in the area, I struggled with the level of training they received. Although they received the state required training, I felt there was much more missing. EDI’s success comes from its curriculum that not only meets, but exceeds state standards. Parents are excited to send their kids to a program that focuses heavily on creating drivers that are mentally prepared as well as having a firm grasp of the huge responsibility they are undertaking. I feel fortunate to bring EDI to South Eastern Wisconsin. At EDI, we teach the rules of the road like every driving school.  But we then go even further into active driving, enhancing observation skills, handling panic/loss of control situations as well as building solid parent driving instructors as without parent involvement we couldn't do what we do!  EDI offers you an opportunity to start your children off with solid foundation of safety, responsibility and skills.  Nobody can do what EDI can do!"  

EDI-WI Owner & Lead Instructor
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Your Donation Helps provide quality Driver's Ed to those who struggle with Tuition Costs. 
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