Beginning March 25th  EDI-WI Temporarily Closed Through April 6th.

To EDI current and future families.  Things are progressing steadily with the COVID-19, as we expected as more testing is being done.  However, our state of WI is being responsible in their decisions and proactive in the battle to keep our communities safe yet still functional.  I am optimistic things will start returning to normal very soon as long as we all make smart decisions to minimize our exposure and spread.  EDI is going to take the proactive approach to keep our Students, Parents and Instructors safe by closing our doors through April 6th.   This decision weighs heavily on me as I know families rely on EDI to be available when their teens need us as well as our Amazing Instructors need an income and enjoy working with students.  I have to put the safety of all above and know it’s a temporary adjustment and we’ll be back on top very soon (as a Driving School, State and Country).  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, I assure you we will do our best to accommodate and get everyone back on track.


- Travis Mayer

EDI - WI Owner Message
"Its time for a change in driver's education"

Travis Mayer 

Owner of EDI-WI and Lead Instructor

"As a father of three teenagers I know how important it is to feel safe when your child gets behind the wheel.  When my first two children attended driver’s training in the area, I struggled with the level of training they received. Although they received the state required training, I felt there was much more missing. EDI’s success comes from its curriculum that not only meets, but exceeds state standards. Parents are excited to send their kids to a program that focuses heavily on creating drivers that are mentally prepared as well as having a firm grasp of the huge responsibility they are undertaking. I feel fortunate to bring EDI to South Eastern Wisconsin. At EDI, we teach the rules of the road like every driving school.  But we then go even further into active driving, enhancing observation skills, handling panic/loss of control situations as well as building solid parent driving instructors as without parent involvement we couldn't do what we do!  EDI offers you an opportunity to start your children off with solid foundation of safety, responsibility and skills.  Nobody can do what EDI can do!"  


- Travis Mayer

Our 15 year old just completed the classroom sessions & we went to the parent session tonight. Travis is passionate, professional & compassionate about his students. He is fun & yet makes sure they take driving seriously & that it's a privilege to drive. Thank you Travis!  

- Sue Mravik

Parent's Portal

As the parent of a teen driver you take on a tremendous responsibility. Though teens may be up for the challenge, many parents are not.  Which is why we have the parent's portal.  A page on our website to help parents take control of their role as a Parent Instructor and become the example their new driver needs during this critical year of training.                

Things Every Smart Parent Needs to Know
As a mom who had BOTH sons total cars within six weeks of each other, I’m here to tell you that sometimes, we don’t know … what we don’t know!  My family was lucky, because both crashes were bad enough to cost our family some pretty serious money, but not anything more than that....



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