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Driving Lesson Cancellation Policy

Driving lessons cannot be cancelled within 48 hours of the start time without incurring a fee of $75.   We need a minimum of 48 hours  to fill the time slot or it goes to waste.  Thank you for planning ahead and committing to your scheduled lessons.  

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Student Portal Access

​This portal is used for scheduling driving lessons, updating phone, address and email information and viewing your current status with EDI.  See video tutorial below as a guide on how to schedule. ​


A couple important things to know before scheduling:

   1) All lesson cancellations must be done via student portal outside of 48 hours to avoid fee.

   2) Driving lessons must be a minimum of 30 days apart and must be completed within your contract.

   3) Pickup/drop-offs outside EDI campus must be within our pickup zone.

   4) Cancellation due to weather - If you do not hear from the instructor then consider the lesson to be

        on.  We live in WI, so driving in  bad  weather is all part of the experience :) 


If you have a last minute issue about a driving lesson (pickup, drop-off change, running late, etc) please contact the instructor directly.

Onalaska Students Only:

Due to the additional payroll & vehicle expenses,  All pickups and drop offs outside the EDI office will incur a fee of $10 (example, $5 for pickup- $5 for drop off).  This can be paid at the time of the lesson.   There is no fee to meet the instructor at the EDI Campus in Onalaska.  


Student Login Tutorial Video

The Winter Driver DVD - $35

EDI's Winter Driver Program is designed for New and Experienced Drivers who are looking to build more confidence and skillset driving in adverse conditions.   Guaranteed to lower your risk as a winter driver, which is why most insurance companies will provide a $50-$100 p/year discount on your policy by completing this course. 

Save up to $100 p/year on your insurance policy!

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