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Online Driver's Education

Self Guided
Online Driver's Education

"Learn at home at your pace"

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Self - Guided Online Package

 30 hours Online Classroom

    6 hours of Road Training

    6 hours Road Observation


Self-Guided Course Only


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Your Donation Helps provide quality Driver's Ed to those who struggle with Tuition Costs. 
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Online Driver's Education is approved in Wisconsin and allows teens to complete the traditional classroom training in a self-guided format.  Unfortunately, this has created many Generic Online Training Templates that most schools have chosen to use that require extensive slide reading with little engagement.  


EDI Raises the Bar Once Again.  Back in 2009, The Enhanced Driving Institute was developed from the ground up by Adam Newbloom, Former Deputy Sheriff, and M.B.A.  Adam recognized that Generic "Lifeless" Driver's Ed programs are one of the root causes of high Teen Accident Rates.    EDI has always far exceeded State Requirements for Driver's Education and we have Developed an Online Program that Mirrors our award winning "In-Class" training.   This Engaging Material removes the monotonous reading from a driver's manual and replaces it with Actual Instruction with Relatable/Interesting Content. 

Once the Online Course has been completed, you contact EDI to set up the Permit Exam.   During this time EDI-WI Owner Travis Mayer, will also cover the next phase of your journey!  

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  • Same Quality Instruction as In-class

  • Learn at your own pace.  

  • Review Material to gain understanding

  • Quizzes along the way to ensure absorbtion

  • 90 days access to course

  • Save on travel and time costs by doing the course from home. 

Benefits of EDI's Online DE
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Are you Prepared to Build an Awesome Teen Driver?  This brief Online Course will prepare you for the challenges from the passenger seat & enhance the learning experience for your Teen.  Focused Instruction leads to stronger Teen Drivers.  Which means, Parent's Peace of Mind for years to come. 

Brief video on how to get started with EDI's Self-Guided Online Course

Self-Guided Online Course Extension  - $50

We understand that occasionally, time can get away from us. If you have exeeded the 90-day Online Course requirement, you do have a one time extension option that added 30 days to your enrollment so you can get finished up.   Remember you can only do 2 hours p/day so stay on track!  

(once the fee is paid, you're access will be resumed after 24 hours) 

SGO Extension
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