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Make up Options

We need Teens and Parents to take Driver's Education seriously and place it high on the priority list.  While we do provide options to make up, we prefer to see students attend classes in order without interference.   Remember, structured training provides the most positive results.  There is a fee in place for make up classes due to the equipment and time required to provide the options.  Please make payment at the time of the make up.

Make-up Options

Classroom Make-up Options

It is the students responsibility to search out a make-up class option. 

Please email us once you have looked ahead at the schedule to determine

what will work for you based off your make-up need.  

  • $10 Charge - Making up the lesson in an alternate session when available.  This can sometimes be up to 1-month out depending on the next class schedule.  This  does not need to be scheduled, students can just show up. fee can be paid below or paid at the time of the classroom session. 

  • ​$20 Charge - Make up the lesson during ANY classroom session via computer based lesson (this is not available for online classes)   Example, student needs to complete lesson 8, they could come to lesson 1 and watch the pre-recorded lesson.  Student must attend full 3 hour class to receive credit.  This needs be scheduled a head of time and prepaid.  

  • ​ $40 Charge - Make up the lesson at ANY time as long as we have an instructor available at our Rochester school.  We do not staff an instructor at our location so this must be prepaid and arranged  in advance so we can match up schedules. This is a pre-recorded lesson.

Driving Lesson Missed - Make-up Options

A missed driving lesson brings on a few challenges for our school. 

  1. We missed out on educating another student during that time slot.

  2. Our instructor was still paid for that time as it was schedule.  

  3. You will now need a lesson at a later date, that will take a lesson slot away from another student. 

Because of these challenges and costs, we charge $75 for a missed driving lesson.   If you missed your lesson or had a late cancellation (all cancellations must be done via your student account outside of 48 hours to avoid paying the fee, you can make payment using this link.

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