Onalaska & Live Online Schedule

Our Driver's ED Campus typically offers 1 class per month during the school year and 3 classes per month during the summer.  
To navigate calendar, use the arrows on the sides or you can click on the image to enlarge the calendar and navigate using the arrows.  Our parent session is always lesson 15 (2 hours).  We ask all parents to attend so you are prepared for your new role as Parent Driving Instructor.   Please scroll below the calendar to see FAQ for registration and make up classes.  


Classes Held at Onalaska Campus will meet at: 


1288 Rudy St - Suite 110

Onalaska, WI  54650

12/3 - We have an error code that's coming up in the registration for classroom packages.  We should have this addressed today or tomorrow.  Please contact me to get registered for check back Friday.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

  $375 Complete Package

Please contact EDI with any scheduling concerns, we have make up class options available.

Our 2021 Schedule is Coming Soon!  

This class is designed around your schedule and needs.  We are able to offer 10 of the 15 class on non-school days!  This class is offered both In-Class and Live Online - choose your preferred option when registering.  Make up Options are available as we know you may have some plans for the holidays.  Please touch base with any questions. 

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1) How do I know if the class I want still has openings?

During the school year it is rare for a class to fill up.  However summer sessions will fill up.  To check on availability go to the registration page to sign up for the package you would like.   If you can register for a class, there is still room in the class.  If the class is not listed, it means all seats are full. 

2)  I am not able to make it to all the classroom sessions.  Can I still sign up?

We expect our students to place their driver's ed high on the priority list, however we understand that unavoidable conflicts do happen.  Though most driving schools require you to come back the following month, we provide a couple options to help teens complete their training with us.  They are as follows:

  • No Charge - Making up the lesson in an alternate session when available.  This can sometimes be up to 1-month out depending on the next class schedule.  This  does not need to be scheduled, students can just show up.

  • $15 Charge - Make up the lesson during ANY classroom session via computer based lesson.   Example, student needs to complete lesson 8, they could come to lesson 1 and watch the pre-recorded lesson.  Student must attend full 3 hour class to receive credit.  This needs be scheduled ahead of time and prepaid. 

  •  $40 Charge - Make up the lesson at ANY time as long as we have an instructor available at the school.  We do not staff an instructor at our location so this must be prepaid and arranged  in advance so we can match up schedules.


  • 3. I'm not 15 yet, can I still take the classes?
  • You must be 14.5 minimum to take classes.  


  • 4.  What if I cannot attend the Parent Session?
  • This is very important part of our program as we need parents to be on the same page as EDI during this vital year of training.  However we understand that work or other conflicts can get in the way.  We do not require parents to attend, though we ask them to make the commitment in their teens road safety by attending. 

  • We have over a 95% turnout in every class!  If you are not able to attend, you can attend an alternate session or we ask the students relay the information to you as your role as a Parent Driving Instructor will have more influence on their success than anything we can do as a driving school.  

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